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Martin Vokřál

Co-owner of ASITIS s.r.o. and CEO
Po-Pá: 9:00 - 17:00
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Martin is a visionary in the field of climate change adaptation and mitigation, focusing on the practical implementation of society-wide goals and objectives. An experienced manager and entrepreneur, he leads 40+ professionals in the fields of climate change, landscape architecture, energy and water management. He completed his education in economics, management and international trade law with a professional background in project management and IT. In addition to managing two companies, his current work involves initiating innovative projects, technologies and transboundary cooperation, as well as bringing together skilled professionals, companies and municipalities to deliver projects with climate benefits.

Professional Information:

Martin has been involved in project management in the field of sustainable projects since his studies in economics and law when he managed 50 projects with a total value of around 0.5 billion. His later work in IT complemented his competencies in the areas of digital transformation of not only companies but entire industries, which he also worked on at Microsoft. After following his experience in applied research and commercialization of scientific research projects in AI areas, Martin returned back to the environment, gradually building ASITIS and Atregia as Managing Director.


  • Univerzita Obrany (2009 – 2014): Ekonomie a management – Ing.Masarykova univerzita
  • (2010 – 2013): Právnická fakulta Právo a mezinárodního obchodu – Bc.
  • Certifikace: Certifikace MS Dynamics CRM Applications (Microsoft), Certifikace Insight Selling (INSEAD), Certifikovaný projektový manažer – metodika Sure Step (Microsoft) Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies (University of Maryland)

Pracovní úspěchy:

Martin successfully leads and develops the companies ASITIS and Atregia, which are market leaders in their fields of climate change and landscape architecture. The professional development of numerous experts and the growth of the companies are accompanied by their profitability and an expanding range of expert services. Martin is behind the creation of many successful innovative and research projects with national and international scope, and he is a member of key project teams in the field of climate change.