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Over the past few years, we have been able to guide hundreds of customers from the public sector across Europe through the process of increasing the resilience of their municipalities to climate change.

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Jiří Jedlička, obchod

Ing. Jiří Jedlička, Ph. D.

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Adaptation and mitigation
under one roof
Comprehensive solutions and a holistic approach
we combine specialized disciplines and develop innovative solutions
we build on the experiences of design studios, innovative technologies, and good practice
Research and development
we are involved in several scientific research and innovation projects

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Every day, we help our customers reduce the impacts of climate change by developing strategies, concepts, and action plans and designing concrete projects. We rely on data and new technologies, such as satellite imagery analysis and vulnerability analysis. We address everything comprehensively, with climate change adaptation and mitigation under one roof. We are thinking through the entire climate impact chain. We have faith in a better future and see climate change as our professional challenge.

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identification of vulnerability of sites and groups at risk with the possibility of early response, leading to mitigation of negative impacts
mitigation measures bring significant energy and financial savings
efficient use and production of energy increases the self-sufficiency of cities
reducing the carbon footprint promotes economic development and enables the use of green finance.
Martin Vokřál, jednatel ASITIS s.r.o.
Martin Vokřál
jednatel společnost ASITIS

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Martin Vokřál

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