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What are the advantages of having CTAP? Benefits for companies?

Transparency and credibility: the CTAP provides a clear and concrete plan that shows how the company/municipality intends to achieve its climate goals. This can strengthen the trust of stakeholders, including investors, customers and employees.

Risk Management: CTAP can help a company/community to identify and address potential climate risks such as fluctuations in resource prices, supply chain disruptions or changes in customer demand due to environmental trends, subsidies and green financing.

Improving brand image: today, consumers are increasingly choosing brands based on their environmental credentials. CTAP clearly demonstrates a company’s/corporation’s positive attitude towards climate issues.

Access to finance: investors and financial institutions are increasingly favouring companies with clear strategies for tackling climate change. CTAP can help a company/community more easily access finance or attract investment from green funds.

Optimising business models: CTAP can help a company identify new business opportunities, innovations and effective methods to reduce emissions, reduce operating costs and gain a competitive advantage.