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Hana Trávníčková

Climate Change Adaptation Team Leader
Po-Pá: 9:00 - 17:00
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Hana Trávníčková specializes in regional development and adaptation to climate change, with more than twenty-five years of practical experience in the field. Her work is focused on consulting and the preparation of documentation and data solutions, primarily for municipalities, cities, and regions aimed at their sustainable development and adaptation to changing climate conditions.

Professional Information:

Hana Trávníčková is the head of the Adaptation to Climate Change team, which is dedicated to the development of adaptation strategies, climate change studies, and the development and implementation of technology and data solutions for municipal and regional governments and other institutions. Her work builds on her knowledge of geography and cartography gained at the Faculty of Science at Masaryk University, which also provided the foundation for a career in public administration. As a result, Hana brings to the team not only expert knowledge but also the ability to understand the needs and challenges that clients face when planning for climate change adaptation.


  • Masaryk University, Faculty of Science
  • Area: Geography and cartography
  • Specialization in physical and socio-economic geography


During her career, Hana has successfully managed many projects focused on urban planning, spatial planning, and regional development. Her work includes extensive experience with data, preparing master plans, landscape studies, and climate change adaptation strategies. Hana is also a key person in the VALORADA and UpGreen projects.

Top implemented projects:

In recent years, Hana has been working mainly on projects in the field of climate change adaptation, where she also uses technologies based on satellite data. In addition to the preparation of strategic documents for cities and municipalities, this includes the preparation of screening of infrastructure projects for climate change impacts or a working tool for the development of adaptation strategies prepared for the Ministry of the Environment. She is also involved in ASITIS research projects, where she is one of the principal investigators.