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Advice on climate change adaptation and mitigation draws on the expertise of design studios, the application of innovative technologies, and adherence to international best practices.
Adaptation and mitigation 
under one roof
Comprehensive solutions and a holistic approach
we combine specialized disciplines and develop innovative solutions
we build on the experiences of design studios, innovative technologies, and good practice
Research and development
we are involved in several scientific research and innovation projects

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Tým odborníků

    Martin Vokřál
    Co-owner of ASITIS s.r.o. and CEO
    Jan Labohý
    Co-owner of ASITIS and Director of World from Space
    Jan Závěšický
    Co-owner of ASITIS and Head of the Mitigation Team
    Jiří Jedlička
    Business Director
    Roman Bohovic
    Co-owner of ASITIS s.r.o. and World from Space
    Hana Trávníčková
    Climate Change Adaptation Team Leader

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